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On Sun, 30 Apr 1995, Chris Walden wrote:

> More discussion on Rapier trends.  I'm replying to everyone at once, because
> it comes into my mailbox through the digest in this way.  If anyone has
> problems following things because of this, let me know and I will reply to
> each message individually.  However, since this is more convenient, I will
> indulge myself.
> However, before I begin my replies, I have another general question.  Of
> those who are following this discussion, what is your involvement with
> rapier fighting.  Do you watch?  Do you fight?  Do you marshall?  How long
> have you done what-ever it is that you do?  If you don't even know what a
> rapier is, but are just enjoying the potential for debate, that's OK too.
> I'm just curious, since I haven't learned yet to attach people to their more
> nebulous Net counterparts.

Well, you know me, but some do not, so...

I have been fencing in the SCA for over 10 years now. I have learned,
taught and otherwise participated in a variety of Academies of the Rapier
in this and other kingdoms. I "grew up" in Bryn Gwlad when it was the
Rapier capitol of the Known World and my teachers have included Tivar,
Dupre, Sentre, Robin of Gilwell, Jeremy James Scurlock, Iolo and a host of
others. I consider myself extremely fortunate in that regard. I have
fought in some 18-20 Queens Champion tournamnets and many other raiper
oriented events and tournaments. I have taken foil, epee and sabre classes
mundainly. I have studies period texts and am currently delving deeper
into them in an attempt to more closely recreate the styles that were
actually used. I have also been a member of the Order of the White Scarf 
of Ansteorra for this past year and a half now and I am blessed to have 
one excellent cadet, he being a man of honor, intelligence and skill. It 
has been my pleasure to be in the service of 19 queens of Ansteorra.

> >The marshall probably assumes that you would speak up if you were not 
> >satisfied or that you would discuss that with your opponent. 
> He is right.  *I* would.  However, I am a large-mouthed special case.  I
> think that some people who are entering into this game a-new will find
> something else to occupy their time rather than speak up.  They may simply
> be unsure of something and not know what to say.  Asking if they are
> satisfied, and really meaning it, could make all the difference in the world
> to that one fighter.  However, if the rules say we don't have to ask, then
> that's that.  
> >Believe it or don't, a lot of people are not working under the 
> >current rules for participants. 
> Let me rephrase the question.  What are some of the current rules that you
> feel are important, though overlooked?  What do you see that people who are
> behind the times do that you feel are unsafe, or detract from the game?

I just re-read your question, above and realized that the paragraph below 
does not answer it. So take it as a new item: What Is Wrong With The Rules?

I strongly object to three things in the rules. The first is the
quasi-legal wording they have taken on. The second is any attempt to
force honorable conduct. The third is rules that were written because
there was a problem with one person or a few people and no one had the
guts to address it without hiding behind a new rule. 

> -----------------------
> I'll look forward to more from you.  Thank you for indulging me a little.
> I'm not meaning to be mysterious.  I do have some ideas and opinions.  I do
> not have *the answer* to anything.  I just want to get more discussion on
> some things before I jump in too deeply.  I've argued long and hard with
> someone who agreed with me before, simply because I was to caught up with my
> own side to listen to theirs.

Ok, so how about telling us about who YOU are. You should be able to do 
that without tipping your hand.

> I remain Yours, etc.
> Antonio Bastiano (Cadet to Don Alden Pharamond)
> or cmwalden at

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