Board of Directors

Patricia Horton horton at
Mon May 1 14:27:55 PDT 1995

This is actually my June Blackstar article, but due to its time importance
I want to post it to the net for May....

There are two items before the Board of Directors at the July meeting which
require our input, waivers and a proposal involving the positions of Society
Seneschal and Executive Director. Ansteorrans, it is real important we write
the board and give them input. Both items are purposely being put to the 
populace of the Known World before they are voted on. We asked for input, and
we are being given the chance. We asked for it, we got it, now we had better
use it. It is put up or shut up time. All Seneschals received copies of
the proposed waiver(s) in their May mailing, all Landed received copies also.
You can also send me a SASE and I will get you a copy. The proposed change
to Corpora and the By-laws was sent with the same mailing.  All comments should
be mailed to: SCA Inc Board of Directors, PO Box 360789 Milpitas CA 95036-0789
by June 30 which is the deadline for input to the July Board meeting.

We had two lawyers on the waiver committee, Sir Frederick
and Don Jeremy, you can ask them how they feel about the proposed waiver.
Have your lawyers, insurance companies etc check them out and give you
feedback in writing. Forward this to the Board. On the organizational proposal,
let the board members know how you feel about the ED/SS positions and
the relationship of those positions. Do you like it, do you not like it, and
why. Give examples on why you think it works or not. Please, I can not tell
you how important it is we give feedback on this stuff. Silence will mean
acceptance. The Board is actively asking for input on this stuff. We
demanded the right for input, our Crown fought for this right, we had better
use it.


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