Heraldic meetings

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okway.okstate.edu
Fri May 5 07:48:34 PDT 1995

>May    12-14 Defender of the Rose VII-Rosenfeld 

>June   16-18 Midsummer Faire-Gate's Edge 

>July   14-16 Kingdom Warlord-Trelac 

>Sept   15-17 Defender of the Fort-Raven's Fort

>Oct    13-15 Crown Tourney

>Nov    10-12 A Day at the All Thing
Mendersham - Western

Nothing in August yet & Crown Tourney location is unknown currently.

Two in the West, one each in Center, Coastal, & South. Two unknowns. Nothing
in the North. Currently no events scheduled in August in the North & Crown 
Tourney is unlikely. Maybe one of the West events could be switched to a 
North event? (During July could be Interkingdom (Mooneschadowe) OR Academy of 
the Bow & Rapier (Wiesenfeuer). During November could be Wasteland Defender.)

(I realize Sir Kief lives in the far south, but still one event in the north 
during seven months should be possible for a Kingdom officer...especially 
considering some of the problems mentioned in earlier posts about northern 

Estrill Swet
Stillwater, OK

PS - If funds are tight, Mooneschadowe might be willing to waive/negotiate
     the sight fee for Interkingdom for Sir Kief, if that would help.

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