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Todd Marsh tmarsh at iadfw.net
Mon May 1 12:42:45 PDT 1995

Unto Antonio Bastiano and others following this discussion, 
Gretings from Llywelyn Gruffydd.

Since Antonio asked, I'll preface my comments with my qualifications.  I am
the rapier marshal for the Barony of Elfsea, and Cadet to Don Robin of
Gilwell.  I started classical fencing in 1980, and have fought rapier in the
SCA since 1986 (with a few years off).  I'm also authorized in armored
combat, marshalling, and fiberglass spear.  I don't have my copy of the
rules in front of me, but I reread them all last week.

As has been mentioned, there is a lot of overlap between the marshallate and
the White Scarves.  However, only the kingdom rapier marshal and his
deputies (regional and at large) can sign authorization cards.  LOCAL
kingdom rapier office. In contrast, local knight marshals can sign armored
combat cards, but only fiberglass spear marshals can sign fiberglass spear
There has been some discussion of changing the authorization process for
rapier fighters, marshals, and local marshals, but no decisions have been
made or implemented.  I think that a formal process to authorize marshals,
local marshals, and authorizING marshals (who can sign cards) would be a
good thing.

Should everyone have to fight an authorization bout?  I don't think so.  The
authorizing marshal is signing that they believe the fighter knows the rules
and is safe. IMHO, If they have had a recent opportunity to observe the
fighter practice, they may have better information to base this judgement on
than an authorization bout.  If they haven't seen the fighter lately, they
should request a bout.


tmarsh at iadfw.net

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