Heraldic meetings

Thu May 4 15:57:12 PDT 1995

Hi! I got the information from Kief and I thought ya'll would like to 
know. Where the Kingdom heraldic meetings will be held for the next 
few months.  I'll try to keep ya'll updated with any changes as they 
occur. Kief will print changes in the Kingdom Heraldic Newsletter as 
they come up also. (Of course his IS the Official Calandar)

May    12-14 Defender of the Rose VII-Rosenfeld 
June   16-18 Midsummer Faire-Gate's Edge 
July   14-16 Kingdom Warlord-Trelac 
Aug    TBA
Sept   15-17 Defender of the Fort-Raven's Fort
Oct    13-15 Crown Tourney
Nov    10-12 A Day at the All Thing

As always anyone is welcome to attend the meetings. (You may find it 
a little boring) 

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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