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> >May    12-14 Defender of the Rose VII-Rosenfeld 
> Central
> >June   16-18 Midsummer Faire-Gate's Edge 
> Coastal
> >July   14-16 Kingdom Warlord-Trelac 
> Western
> >Sept   15-17 Defender of the Fort-Raven's Fort
> Southern
> >Oct    13-15 Crown Tourney
> ?
> >Nov    10-12 A Day at the All Thing
> Mendersham - Western
> Nothing in August yet & Crown Tourney location is unknown currently.
> Two in the West, one each in Center, Coastal, & South. Two unknowns. Nothing
> in the North. Currently no events scheduled in August in the North & Crown 
> Tourney is unlikely. Maybe one of the West events could be switched to a 
> North event? (During July could be Interkingdom (Mooneschadowe) OR Academy of 
> the Bow & Rapier (Wiesenfeuer). During November could be Wasteland Defender.)
> (I realize Sir Kief lives in the far south, but still one event in the north 
> during seven months should be possible for a Kingdom officer...especially 
> considering some of the problems mentioned in earlier posts about northern 
> heraldry.)
> Estrill Swet
> Dancemonger
> Mooneschadoweshire
> Stillwater, OK
> PS - If funds are tight, Mooneschadowe might be willing to waive/negotiate
>      the sight fee for Interkingdom for Sir Kief, if that would help.

Kief tries to apportion the meetings of the CoH as fairly as 
circumstances permit. He has a window of time he can hold them and 
still meet the requirements Laurel has set. If he allows deviation 
too far from the schedule, the college falls behind again and the 
submittors are not served in a timely manner. The College 
meeting is set either the 2nd or 3rd weekend of the month dependant 
upon the dates. If he was able to schedule one up north he would. I 
don't think you will get him to change the Western dates because he 
has waited his whole tenure to be able to hold a college meeting 
there. He takes his responsibilities as a KINGDOM Officer VERY 
seriously and he does his best to serve ALL the KINGDOM.

FYI The submission process is this:
You submmit a piece of armoury or name to your local (and pay the sub- 
mission fee). They check it and fill out the proper paperwork and send 
it to Star. He checks the paperwork (10 to 100 actions) (In a lot of 
cases he has had to correct it or call people to fill in blanks). He 
records the receipt of the documents and fees. He creates the file 
for the next Internal Letter, seperates out forms to send to Keyna to 
input and device forms to Stephan to scan. Keyna transmits the info 
to Stephan and he puts it into the Kingdom Heraldic newsletter with 
any Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns, Report from Star, The 
Previous month's collated commentary, and any other reports or items 
of interest. Stephen copies and mails about 75 copies. Heralds in the 
kingdom get the newsletter. They reasearch and comment on the 
submissions and send the commentary to Perronelle. She collates it, 
tactifies it and sends it to Star by the meeting at which that letter 
is being discussed. He copies the commentary and holds the meeting. 
People comment and decisions are made. He records these decisions and 
sends them to Ragnar. Ragnar edits the entries from the internal 
letter to reflect the decisions made by the college and puts them in 
the form required by Laurel (this is the External Letter). Star 
reviews the external Letter, writes a cover letter and copies and 
sends around 50 out. He also sends the paperwork to Daud. The Heralds 
throughout the Known world get the Letter (along with 12 
others) and comment on it (400 to about 1300 actions per month). Then 
the Principal herald in each kindom has time to respond to the 
commentary so that they may fix any mixups. Daud collates this 
commentary and holds a meeting to decide the fate ofthe submissions. 
He formulates the Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns and sends 
it out. Kief gets it and writes cards to the submittor and publishes 
the letter in the black Star and updates the appropriate files.

The internal process takes about 4 months. The external process takes 
another 4 months. If everything works right and the submission makes 
it through all the levels you should hear the final decision in about 
9 months. This may seem long but in some of the other kingdoms it 
takes even longer (last I heard there are still kingdoms where it 
takes up to 2 years).

What were the problems with Northern armoury? I haven't seen anything 
about it in the mailing list since I subscribed on. Nothing has been 
said about it at the CoH meetings either. (even the ones up north) 

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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