Rapier Marshalate

Todd Marsh tmarsh at iadfw.net
Tue May 9 22:34:43 PDT 1995

Greetings to Antonio and others interested in the Rapier
from Llywelyn Gruffydd.

L> My earlier comments
> Antonio's comments

L>With fewer authorizing marshals, we have a better chance of
L>consistancy than we would have with lots of potential signers.  
>Here is where you and I will rub one another.  That one word "consistency".
>I think that great efforts have been made to codify and homogonize what we

Sorry, I forgot to say what I think should be consistant.  IMHO, the
marshals enforce safety, not skill or honor.  They should be consistantly
strict about safety issues, and keep quiet about blow calling and other
issues unless asked for advice by a fighter.

>  I suppose my greatest
>concern is that you, as Rapier Marshal, are responsible for the *vision* of
>the rapier community in your area.  

I disagree.  I see the duties of the White Scarves and the marshalate as
separate.  I think that the White Scarves are the keepers of the vision of
the rapier community.

L>Making more authorizing marshals increases the odds of personal involvement. 
>Why would you not consider a White Scarf of Ansteorra qualified for this task?

I apologize if I implied that White Scarves (WSA) were not qualified to be
marshals.  I think that all of the active WSAs are more than qualified.
Today, the structure of the marshalate denies most of them the opportunity
to authorize fighters.  I think that any Don/Dona that _wants_ to take on
the responsibilities of being a marshal in addition to the responsibilities
they already have as a WSA should be allowed to do so. 

This would require a change to the existing marshalate.  I spoke to Don
Horoun at Squires last weekend, and he is considering some changes including
allowing more authorizing marshals.  If anyone has specific suggestions,
please write to him.  He is seeking input.

>I know that I'm ranting a little here, Llywelyn, but this is important.  Why
>do you do this rather than sport fencing?  

I started in the SCA because rapier combat looked like more fun than sport
fencing.  I stayed because I found people that shared my sense of honor and
my love of history.  Don Christian Richard Dupre explained the difference
when he said "The Order of the White Scarf is a martial art with a
philosophy, like many others. ... Find the common theme among the Dons and
you will find that philosophy."  

The founding members of the WSA did have the advantage of being a smaller,
closer group. I envy them for that sometimes. Today, we have to work harder
to share their dream and ours of a renaissance style of honorable combat so
that newcomers will know what we're about. Handing them a rule book doesn't
do it.  You're right, we are better than that.

Llywelyn Gruffydd
Cadet to Don Robin of Gilwell

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