Rapier Marshalate

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Fri May 12 10:59:37 PDT 1995

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Llywelyn Gruffydd, Cadet to Don Robin of Gilwell, says:

The founding members of the WSA did have the advantage of being a smaller,
closer group. I envy them for that sometimes. Today, we have to work harder
to share their dream and ours of a renaissance style of honorable combat so
that newcomers will know what we're about. 

You mention the "renaissance style of honorable combat". How do you see this
differing from the "medieval style of honorable cambat"? DO you see it
And why?

Anyone else out there fight both armored and rapier? Do You try to maintain
different standards for each style of combat? Why? How does honorably
on one field differ from the other?

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
markh at risc.sps.mot.com

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