Honorable Combat

Vicki zarazena at io.com
Sat May 13 16:49:31 PDT 1995

Greetings from Llywelyn, posting from my lady's account.

Stefan li Rous wrote:
>You mention the "renaissance style of honorable combat". How do you see this
>differing from the "medieval style of honorable cambat"? DO you see it
>differing?  And why?

When I wrote those words, I meant rapier combat as opposed to armored 
combat. However, there is a difference between the medieval and renaissance 
defination of honor.  The medieval knight was expected to obey his lord in 
all things.  The renaissance courtier was expected to disobey his lord in 
some cases, to keep him from acting foolishly.  (see Castiglione's "Book of 
the Courtier" for details) 

On both list fields, I act as I believe a renaissance gentleman would act.  
My purpose for fighting is to demonstrate my honor and abilities.  A 
medieval knight fought to capture opponents for ransom and to win battles 
for his lord. (see any biography of William Marshall)

In practice, on the SCA list field, there isn't much difference.  I think 
that all fighters should know what motivated those they emulate, and then 
decide how to act.


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