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anyone interested in sumptuary laws might be interested in checking out
this site;

(cut and paste is your friend)

here's what it says about az
g. A Territorial Baron/ess may bear the Baronial Arms in canton upon
their own.
h. The Baron/ess at the time of the creation of a Barony is the Founding
Baron/ess. The Founding Baron/ess shall have the perpetual right to
bear the Baronial Arms in canton upon their own arms and maintain
the perpetual title 'Baron/ess (fief)'.
i. In recognition of their service to the Realm, a retiring Baron/ess may
at the pleasure of the Crown, be granted the title of Court Baron/ess
with precedence dating from the date of their investiture as Territorial
 Baron/ess and have the right upon retiring to wear the Ansteorran 10
 pointed black star upon their coronets, as long as no star points project
above the top edge of the Baronial coronets.
a short note from Lord Dathi, Star Principal Herald, from The Black
Star, Vol. 27, no. 1, p. 12, May 1992
...On another note: I have noted some recent confusion concerning the
wearing of fillets. In Ansteorra, anyone, of any rank,, may wear a fillet
( a thin metal band no wider than 3/8 inch in  width). In some other
kingdoms, one must be armigerous to wear a fillet, but this is not the
case in Ansteorra.

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