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     I would suggest that you contact the Autocrat for a definitive definition 
     of "nuclear".  That's who wrote the ad.  Assuming something simply builds 
     your own bloodpressure.  You have a right to complain, but only if you have 
     accessed the source of the problem first.

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Subject: Re[2]: Stepps Warlord
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>     The only time I have charged individuals of the same family is when they 
>are trying to bring in cousins, in-laws, etc. that don't live in the same 
That's nice, I'm glad you are not a scum sucking reactionary worm, but i am 
concerned with an event annoucement, a public statement by a group I am 
involved with, which certainly seems to indicate a mindset antithetical to 
my own.
> Your choice of spouse is your own.  I don't see where two or three people are 
>going to pay the max anyway.  Please, unless I'm way off base, there doesn't 
>seem to be a need for the chip on your shoulder.
The annocement I read certainly seemed to indicate that they were going to 
give a benefit to people who fit thier paradigm of a family and I find that 
to be overly restrictive and supportive of a mentality I despise. If they 
didn't mean to sound like a bunch of dittohead clowns then they should have 
used different words.

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