Fall of Rome

Sat May 20 22:43:29 PDT 1995

                         THE FALL OF ROME
         The Barony of Raven's Fort is hosting the meeting of the
         Eastern and Western halves of the Roman Empire of 530 ce
         on June 2-4, 1995 ce. The Empress has declared a day of
         games in honour of the visiting Eastern Prelate. There
         are rumours of invading forces gathering to the North.
         Heavy weapons fighters will be split into teams for the
         day. Non-fighters can sign up to represent a team in
         several contests of skill - shotput, spear throw, discus 
         and archery; and one of gluttony - melon eating.
         An A & S competition will be held: preference will be given 
         to entries documented to pre - 600 ce.
         A boffer melee' is planned for Sunday.
         Site fee: $4 Feast Fee: $5 Non-member Fee: $3
         Children 5 and under: Free 6-12: 1/2 parents fee
         Make checks payable to: SCA-Barony of Raven's Fort
         The feast will be a cold fare of meats, fruits, and 
         vegatables; a hot soup of leeks and mushrooms; and a 
         desert. All to be prepared by Sir Kief and his merry band of
         accomplices. Feast is to be prepared for 150 gentles. 
         Reservations requested. 
         The site is very primitive.
         Lorraine DeerSlayer
         mka D.L.Yackey
         Box 7275
         Huntsville, Tx 77342

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