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Robert G. Ferrell rferrell at
Sun May 21 22:45:53 PDT 1995

>>That's nice, I'm glad you are not a scum sucking reactionary worm, but i am
>>concerned with an event annoucement, a public statement by a group I am
>>involved with, which certainly seems to indicate a mindset antithetical to
>>my own.
>What the hell, I haven't been flamed in a while, so I might as well put
>myself in that posistion.
>Litch, it seems to me that you first post on the subject, was one posted by
>a *scum sucking reactionary worm*  You saw something that you didn't like,
>and posted against it, but instead of using basic logic, you pushed *hot*
>buttons:  religion, sexual preference, etc..
>Are you involved with the group, the statement was made by the Steppes, not
>the SCA.  The Steppes are not the officail voice on the SCA *family* policy.
>Also, are you really involved with the SCA?  I doubt that 1/3 rd of the
>local active group would recognize you at a gathering, or even know your SCA
>name.  It seems to me, that all you do is complain about the SCA, but do not
>do anything constructive to try and change it.
>>The annocement I read certainly seemed to indicate that they were going to
>>give a benefit to people who fit thier paradigm of a family and I find that
>>to be overly restrictive and supportive of a mentality I despise. If they
>>didn't mean to sound like a bunch of dittohead clowns then they should have
>>used different words.
>They have the right to offer discounts to what they decide is a family, just
>as some groups allow the local Baron/Baroness in free, while some do not.
>It is up to them, they could have just as easily NOT offered any discount,
>it is there choice, if you don't like it, don't go.
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     What we have here (Litch, I mean) is someone who just likes to provoke
reactions.  I know one when I see one, believe me.  If enjoy this kind of
debate, then by all means have fun with it. If you are offended or angered
by it, however, my advice is to skip over these verbal volleys and read
something you really want to read. Life is too short to have it shortened
even further by patterns of pixels on a CRT screen.

Cynric of Bedwyn

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