Stepps Warlord

R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Mon May 22 10:12:25 PDT 1995

>  You saw something that you didn't like,
>and posted against it, but instead of using basic logic, you pushed *hot*
>buttons:  religion, sexual preference, etc..

what can I say, the event annoucement pushed hot buttons in me, I am just
bringing the matter up in an effort to achieve clarity.

>Are you involved with the group, the statement was made by the Steppes, not
>the SCA.  The Steppes are not the officail voice on the SCA *family* policy.

Dunno, sca policy tends to be fairly grass roots and go from the ground up,
I would like for that policy to include explicitly some room for families
may not fit into the RNC's vision of America.

>Also, are you really involved with the SCA?  I doubt that 1/3 rd of the
>local active group would recognize you at a gathering, or even know your SCA
>name.  It seems to me, that all you do is complain about the SCA, but do not
>do anything constructive to try and change it.

Hay, if a third of the ppl in bryn gwlad recognize me I am doing pretty good,
and I AM trying to become more involved but I have been busy lately.

>They have the right to offer discounts to what they decide is a family, just
>as some groups allow the local Baron/Baroness in free, while some do not.
>It is up to them, they could have just as easily NOT offered any discount,
>it is there choice, if you don't like it, don't go.

All I did was ask for clarification of what thier definition of a family
is, and then expressed my extreme displeasure with that definition. I am
NOT going, but
then it is not much of a sacrafice, I hadn't really planned on going. However
they ARE a part of a group I participate in and I DO disagree with the
sentiment they have presented. I hardly think it is out of line to question
them on that.



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