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Mon May 22 15:10:14 PDT 1995

>>Michael says:
>>When a group gives a discount to a family of specific sort, they make it
>>harder on any family which does not fit that mold. It discourages
>>diversity, and just add on just a bit more hassle to people who are already
>>hassled to begin with.
>>I tend to define a family as the person or persons who have taken on the
>>responsibilty of raising a child and try not to make any other constraints
>>on that.

Stefan replies:

>I think you need to revisit your own definition, for I feel it violates
>your previous paragraph. Your definition is saying that myself and
>my lady wife are not a family since we do not have children.  From 
>a practical standpoint, it means little since we don't come close
>to the maximum charge as Mordraut tried to point out to you from
>his standpoint in an earlier message. 

I agree with Stefan, my idea of a family has very little to do with
children.  By definition of family I like this one:  A group of people
living under one roof and under one head: Household (Mirriam-Webster, 1974)
If you remove the child from Litch's definition, and change it to
responsibility to each other, I think that it would be a very good definition.

>You seem to think it easy to come up with a workable definition.
>You've put a lot of effort in to opposing the definition the folks
>in The Steppes chose to use. If it's so easy, please put some of
>Your effort into coming up with a good, short definition and post
>it here. Your first attempt falls short. Let's see you put your efforts
>up for the critisim you seem to fling so easily.

Actually, I don't think that we heard any official voice from the Steppes on
that definition.  Litch has put effort into his definition, so back off.

>(By the way, Mordraut, do you feel "hassled"?)

Nope, never.

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