Athelstan of Staffordshire

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Sun May 7 22:01:56 PDT 1995

Lord Athelstan of Staffordshire
Companion to the Iris of Merit
Holder of the Sable Thistle in Dance and Culinary Arts
Holder of the Acorn of the Steppes
Apprentice to Mistress Meadhbh ni Ruaidh o'Chonnemara

Robert Paul Awanessian
November 30, 1964 - May 2, 1995

 Athelstan slipped peacfully away from us on May 2, 1995, after a very brief
illness. His struggle is over, but ours is just beginning. His spontaneity
and good humor enriched the lives of
everyone he came close to and the love and devotion he gave to his friends
was limitless. His energy and enthusiasim will not be easily replaced in our
land, but his memory will live forever...

 "Oh we'll go no more aroving, so late into ,the night.
   Though the heart is still as loving, and the moon is still as bright..."
 - Lord Byron

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