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Marc Carlson IMC at
Tue Apr 2 07:25:57 PST 1996

  Now I'm not a herald and therefore may be totally confused about this
  (my understanding of the Heraldic paperchase is mostly from the perspective
  of a casual observer), but I was under the impression that the herald's 
  reports were linked to courts held, not events (which is why there were 
  two reports for the Northern Region Tribute/A&S Collegium - Wiesenfeuer 
  (02/24/96 and 02/25/96).
  The reason I bring this up is because I believe the reason you didn't
  receive a report for wInterkingdom VII - Northkeep (01/27/96) is because
  there was no court held at all (since the Crown did not attend, and did not
  name anyone to hold court in their names).  I may be completely offbase here,
  of course, but I am curious.
  Obviously I have misunderstood something.  Would someone please clarify
  it for me.
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