Plse Fwd/Good Cause...AIDS experiment [2/2] (fwd)

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Thu Apr 4 16:34:16 PST 1996

I know this is off subject, but rather enlightening and frightening. Read 
the forwards and pass it on!  

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Subject: Plse Fwd/Good Cause...AIDS experiment [2/2] (fwd)


Thought you might like to read this.  It is very interesting when you 
really stop to think about it!  Read the forwards that travel with it.


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Subject: Plse Fwd/Good Cause...AIDS experiment [2/2] (fwd)

Dear Friends, I try to share important things with my friends, and this 
indeed is important.  Please do not remove all the forwarded names.  The 
message is at the very end, but getting there will be interesting.  Love,

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Subject: Plse Fwd/Good Cause...AIDS experiment [2/2] (fwd)

Terri and I thought we would keep thew experiment going.  Please forward 
this and keep all the forwards.

Mike H. and Terri Hains

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Subject: Plse Fwd/Good Cause...AIDS experiment [2/2] (fwd)

Something like 30+ pages 'til you get to the point of the letter.  IT's 
like a chain letter, only it is for a good cause, not some money making 
scheme.  The guy at the end is doing a project on AIDS, wants us to pass 
it on to see how far i5t'll pass.  check it out and help the dude.

"Jeans" Horton
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Subject: Plse Fwd/Good Cause...AIDS experiment [2/2] (fwd)

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>Subject: Plse Fwd/Good Cause...AIDS experiment [2/2] (fwd)
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>Ha, good way to get revenge huh, infect everyone you know with the
>HIV virus.  Seriously pass this on.  It's good.  Read the
>message at the end.
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>Subject: Plse Fwd/Good Cause...AIDS experiment [2/2]
>>Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 15:50:14 -0600
>>From: Carmela_Casipit at BAYLOR.EDU
>>Subject: Please Forward...AIDS experiment [2/2]
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>>Hey guys--there really is an e-mail message at the end.  It's quite
>>So keep pressing the little mousy til you hit the end. :)  cc
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>>Subject: FW: Please Forward...AIDS experiment [2/2] (fwd)
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>>Pass it on. Or something.
>> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++creepy++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>>Cris Haaser                               Thought for the day:
>>crispy at                         Uh oh, looks like
>>         Zoot skipped a groove
>>                                               again.
>> ...push the button, Frank...
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>>Subject: FW: Please Forward...AIDS experiment [2/2] (fwd)
>>I figured you wanted to help the student at the bottom of this message do
>>his science experiment on the internet and AIDS.  Please keep all the
>>forwards (read a few, they're interesting) and follow the instructions in
>>the last message.
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>>Subject: FW: Please Forward...AIDS experiment [2/2] (fwd)
>>This meme (idea, chain letter, whatever) will probably make it around the
>>world a couple of times. E-mail is unfortunately a great medium for chain
>>letters. You have two choices - be a vector or be a filter or screen.
>>>From: Jon Neff <jneff at>
>>>Subject: FW: Please Forward...AIDS experiment [2/2] (fwd)
>>>To: eagutier at, jbmoore at, halbert at,
>>>        WEDELL at
>>>Date: Fri, 19 Jan 96 13:54:34 PST
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>>>From: Consuelo Gennaro at zenith
>>>Date: 1/17/96 12:00PM
>>>To: Jon M Neff at JPL-B264
>>>*To: James G Bowen at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Mark S Fiore at Gateway
>>>*To: Bert H Fujiwara at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Gary W Glass at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Jack L Prater at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: James S Shell at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Javier Bautista at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Richard Cardenas at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Jose E Fernandez at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Theodore R Hanson at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Jason J Kovatch at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Steven Montanez at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Rex B Quinn at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Wendy K Hodgin at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Leslie S Manalo at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Vanessa Foster at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Bobbi Sosa at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Kurt E Carter at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Henry B Dotson at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: jclairea at at Internet
>>>*To: Gerald J Walsh at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Janine M Medlin at jpl-cas301b
>>>*To: Noemi B Portugues at jpl-cas301b
>>>*To: Carroll A Duarte
>>>*To: Patricia V Marsh
>>>*To: Marie I Petrie at jpl-sec333
>>>*To: Laureano A Cangahuala at Gateway
>>>Subject: FW: Please Forward...AIDS experiment [2/2]
>>>---------------------------- Forwarded with Changes
>>>From: <julie_hiroto at> at hugate
>>>Date: 1/17/96 9:55AM
>>>*To: <Consuelo_Gennaro at> at hugate
>>>*To: <DMD at> at hugate
>>>*To: <102541.717 at> at hugate
>>>*To: <JohnH at> at hugate
>>>*To: <75021.2417 at> at hugate
>>>*To: <FINKAT at> at hugate
>>>*To: <102156.2133 at> at hugate
>>>*To: <krisbo5 at> at hugate
>>>*To: <LJM at> at hugate
>>>*To: Mcwhaley at at hugate
>>>*To: <spiro4ane at> at hugate
>>>*To: <sfollmer at OREGON.UOREGON.EDU> at hugate
>>>*To: <betsy_woodford at> at hugate
>>>*To: <lisann_daly at> at hugate
>>>*To: <lynn_bryant at> at hugate
>>>*cc: <bekessle at> at hugate
>>>Subject: FW: Please Forward...AIDS experiment [2/2]
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>>>I always delete messages that are of the "chain letter" type.  But this one's
>>>different. It is quite sobering to see all the places it's
>>>travelled. So, in the
>>>spirit of the message I will pass it on without removing the forwards.  The
>>>original message is at very bottom.
>>>Subject: FW: Please Forward...AIDS experiment [2/2]
>>>From:    <julie_hiroto at> at hugate
>>>Date:    1/17/96  9:55 AM
>>>The spirit of the original message is to pass it on, without removing the
>>>To: Bettina Ozaki; Cecilia Rodriguez; Julie Hiroto; Kathy Pearson; Lori
>>>Myers; Michele Smith; Michelle Parry; Sam Wood
>>>From: Laura Quattro on Tue, Jan 16, 1996 9:14 AM
>>>Subject: FW: PLease Forward...AIDS experiment[2/2] (fwd)
>>>Pass this on, it's for a good cause.  ;-)
>>>To: Gina Armas; Isabel Cobos; JoAnne Mahan; Kate Boris Brown; Laura Quattro
>>>From: Sue Chiarchiaro on Tue, Jan 16, 1996 8:52 AM
>>>Subject: FW: PLease Forward...AIDS experiment[2/2] (fwd)
>>>To: Bell, Ed; Bruch, Suzie; Brunner, Bob; BunkerS; Burke, M.; Byrne, Christy;
>>>Catania, Roger; Crawford, David; David Levy; Elizabeth Kaufman; Elling, Ted;
>>>France, Marcia; Genis, Mary; Johnson, Sandra; Lichenstein, Larry; Livingston,
>>>Sanford; Marcolina, Kirk; MIKETJU at; Mueller, Len; O'Donnell, Jim;
>>>Ochoa, Art; Ostrowski, Jim; Paccone, Dave; Sauer, Melanie; Sippy, Brian; Sue
>>>Chiarchiaro; Tole, Shubha; Torrence, Tony
>>>From: KWest on Tue, Jan 16, 1996 12:35 AM
>>>Subject: FW: PLease Forward...AIDS experiment[2/2] (fwd)
>>>To: Gina Armas; KWest; Alex Densmore; Steve Carson; Christy Esau; Dick Rogan;
>>>Ed Rogan; Fiona Lo; Frank Yau; Mark Gargiulo; Gina Matero; Herb Clemens; Jen
>>>Yu; Gillian Bush; Jim Radford; Joel Burdick; Jonathan Rose; Karin Johnson;
>>>Marla Whitney; Jack Prater; Rob Rickenbrode; Roger Wachtel; Carl Roth; Shawn
>>>O'Connor; Lee Hendricks; Steve Jun; Swathi Ganaraj; Tom Valaski; Anne
>>>From: Pete Rogan on Tue, Jan 16, 1996 1:16 AM
>>>Subject: PLease Forward...AIDS experiment[2/2] (fwd)
>>>The spirit of this thing seems to be to pass it on ... the message, not
>>>the disease.
>>>Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 22:24:29 -0800 (PST)
>>>From: L. Rogan <roganl at>
>>>To: Peter Rogan <progan at>
>>>Subject: PLease Forward...AIDS experiment[2/2] (fwd)
>>>Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 15:46:13 -0800 (PST)
>>>From: A. Brooks <brooksa at>
>>>To: "new school psych class -- D. Quiroz" <drq at>,
>>>    "D. Zook" <dzook at>,
>>>    "T. Powers" <powerst at>,
>>>    "R. Brooksher" <rbds at>,
>>>    "L. Rogan" <roganl at>,
>>>    "S. Ogier" <sogier at>,
>>>    "S. Tilstra" <stil at>,
>>>    "S. Sidman" <susid at>,
>>>    Susanne Christine Johnson <susiej at>,
>>>    "Z. Lemos" <zenial at>, arthur ware <aware at>,
>>>    ryan neff <rneff at>,
>>>    eugene huang <ehuang at>,
>>>    steve andersen <sandersen at>,
>>>    "Hackler,Cathrael" <DOROA.CHACKLER at HW1.CAHWNET.GOV>
>>>Subject: PLease Forward...AIDS experiment[2/2] (fwd)
>>>Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 12:32:40 -0800 (PST)
>>>From: Matthew Joseph Brooks <mjbrooks at>
>>>To: "A. Brooks" <brooksa at>
>>>Subject: PLease Forward...AIDS experiment[2/2] (fwd)
>>>Date: Wed, 10 Jan 96 08:37:20 PST
>>>From: jcombs at
>>>To: mjbrooks at, pmuna at, bstevens at,
>>>    brat at, 248 at
>>>Subject: PLease Forward...AIDS experiment[2/2]
>>>Keep scrolling all the way to the end
>>>Subject: PLease Forward...AIDS experiment[2/2]
>>>From:    dgrude at (Doug Grude) at cc_smtp2
>>>Date:    1/10/96  8:07 AM
>>>Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 20:23:40 -0800
>>>Subject: Fwd: PLease Forward...AIDS experiment]
>>>From: AJ Alfieri <aj at>
>>>To: "Davis, Alan" <aland at>, "Twhigg, Alan" <alant at>, "Hurst,
>>>Allan" <AllanH at>, "Alfieri, Anna & Jim" <102562.723 at>,
>>>"Marks, Bennet" <marks1 at>, "McFarland, Bill" <BillMcF>,
>>>"Zaller, Brad" <brad at>, "Hopkins, Bruce"
>>><bhopkins at>,"Tadros, Carol" <tadros_ca at>, "Clarke,
>>>Chris"<Chris_Clarke at>, "Kryzan, Chris" <CKryzan at>,
>>>"Thomas,Chris" <jct at>, "Fitzgerald, Christine" <Tubtfru at>,
>>>"Witzel,Christine" <christine_witzel at>, "Benjamin,
>>>Dale"<dale at>, "Winter, Dan" <dan_m_winter at>,
>>>"Sternbergh, D. Daniel" <ddaniel at>, "Benn,
>>>Derrick"<dbenn at>, "Nelson, Don" <dlnelson at>,
>>>"Grude, Doug"<dgrude>, "Mills, Ed" <zowie at>, "Carter,
>>>Eric"<EricPierre at>, "Parsons, Frederick" <fparsons at>,
>>>"Antolovich, Gabrielle" <Antolovic6 at>, "Delinger, Ian"
>>><delingei at>, "Marks,Jerry" <GJMarks at>, "Dugan, Jim"
>>><jtdugan at>, "Goodell, Jim"<goodell at>, "McLeod, Jim"
>>><JWMcL at>, "Guerra, Joe"<Joe_Guerra at>, "Shosh, Joe"
>>><jshosh at>, "Angel,John" <johna at>,
>>>"Danatzko, John" <JDanatzko at>,"Lipp, John" <jlnorcal at>,
>>>"MacKintosh, John" <JDMackintosh at>,"Otto, JoLynn" <jeotto at>,
>>>"Tufts, Jon" <jontufts at>, "Reif, June"
>>>< at>, "Wickre, Karen" <Kwickre at>,"Oatman,
>>>Kirk" <koatman at>, "Nelson, Kirsten"
>>><kirsten at>,"Collins/Wright Kitty/Marti" <martee55 at>,
>>>"Barford, Lee"<barford at>, "Petersen, Lyle"
>>><lyle_petersen at>, "Bonine,Mark" <bonine at>, "Grimes,
>>>Marty" <etnaboy at>, "Beers, Melissa"<beerstm at>, "McGurk,
>>>Michelle" <MLMcGurk at>, "Levitt,
>>>Nancy" < at>, "Bob
>>>Overby"<boverby at>
>>>Content-Type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII"
>>>Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 00:45:03 -0500 (EST)
>>>From: David Otero <otero at>
>>>To: Adwoa Asa Awuku <asaawuku at>
>>>Cc: farbiarz at, cgray at,
>>>dmring at,
>>>    grossman at, joycefu at,
>>>    hammer at, Emily Wang <IWANG at>,
>>>    Stacy Tishler <stacylt1 at>, Gehan Soliman <gxs156 at>,
>>>    Lynn Samuel <lynnsam at>,
>>>    Raquel Reyes <rreyes at>,
>>>    Sara Paleewong <spaleewo at>,
>>>    Jeff Miller <millerjr at>,
>>>    Manoj Mammen <mammen at>,
>>>    Angela Liu <liuannyi at>,
>>>    Mitch Lee <rucs at>,
>>>    Do_hyun Lee <dohyun at>,
>>>    Audrey Lee <lee21 at>, Colleen Leahy <csl123 at>,
>>>    Christopher Kuchta <kuchta at UDel.Edu>,
>>>    Jim Koruthu <jimk at>,
>>>    Kelly Kirby <kirby at>,
>>>    Maral Kecoglu <glue at>, patrick jun <pjun at>,
>>>    Josh Joseph <Oolen at>, Pei-Ling Huang<peihuang at>,
>>>    Hyun Jo <JGTyler at>, Nicole Gianfredi<nicoleg at>,
>>>    Jose Enchautegui <ENCHAUJO at>,
>>>    jamie elizabeth ehrlich <jehrlich at>,
>>>    Cheeks Demartini <ginadem at>,
>>>    James Coelho <james2 at>,
>>>    Linda M Bukata <bukata at u.Arizona.EDU>,
>>>    Moz Aslam <raton at>
>>>Subject: An experiment... (fwd)
>>>i try to NEVER EVER send forwards, but this is for a good cause.  in
>>> the
>>>spirit of Nike....Just Do It (i know...real lame...GOTTA PROBLEM?!?!)
>>>Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 23:58:17 -0500 (EST)
>>>From: Jonathan Finkelstein <jfinkels at>
>>>To: James Miller <jnmiller at>,
>>>    Julianne Marashian <jmarash at>,
>>>    David Otero <otero at>
>>>Subject: An experiment... (fwd)
>>>     I refuse to send out chain letters on e-mail, or
>>>     on snail mail for that mater. And although the following
>>>     fits remotely into that category, I felt it had more meaning
>>>     than a stupid good/bad luck letter.
>>>     Forgive all the forwards at the beginning, but it's part
>>>     of the experiment.
>>>     Thanks for indulging me and all these others.
>>>     :)
>>>     Jonathan
>>>Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 11:43:07 -0500 (EST)
>>>From: Dave Nuscher <nuscheda at HUGSE2.HARVARD.EDU>
>>>To: all <76101.2142 at>, alynnrose at,
>>>    dsgould at fas.HARVARD.EDU, elizaf at, gerard at,
>>>    giulin at, graham at, ivy_tseng at,
>>>    jfinkels at fas.HARVARD.EDU, jlavis at fas.HARVARD.EDU,
>>>    keaneyma <keaneyma at HUGSE2.HARVARD.EDU>, lin21 at hulaw1.HARVARD.EDU,
>>>    kendi <kozmon at>, llizotte at,
>>>    mbiscoe at, mqw5327 at, phsia at,
>>>    raosten at fas.HARVARD.EDU, sdwyer at fas.HARVARD.EDU, snow at,
>>>    thaddeus at abel.math.HARVARD.EDU, tkavanau at
>>>Subject: An experiment... (fwd)
>>>Yes, there is a message at the end of all these forwards
>>>Dave Nuscher/Admissions Data Coordinator/Harvard Graduate School of
>>>Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 11:38:46 -0800
>>>From: Kathleen McCrickerd <kmccrick at>
>>>To: nuscheda at HUGSE2.HARVARD.EDU
>>>Subject: An interesting thought experiment...
>>>Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 10:24:39 -0500 (CDT)
>>>Date-warning: Date header was inserted by ACAD.DRAKE.EDU
>>>From: jm4361r at ACAD.DRAKE.EDU (Jennifer McCrickerd)
>>>Subject: An interesting thought experiment...
>>>To: kmccrick at (Kathleen McCrickerd)
>>>Thought I'd forward this on to you
>>>Date: Sat, 9 Dec 1995 23:00:28 CDT
>>>Subject: An interesting thought experiment...
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>>>Subj:   AIDS project
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>>>Subject: AIDS project
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>>> arw003 at ACAD.DRAKE.EDU, fam003 at ACAD.DRAKE.EDU, mrd002 at ACAD.DRAKE.EDU,
>>> nij001 at ACAD.DRAKE.EDU, jlt009 at ACAD.DRAKE.EDU, jms047 at ACAD.DRAKE.EDU,
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>>>Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 18:16:30 CDT
>>>Subject: aids forward
>>>From:   IN%"lferris at"  "laura elizabeth ferris"  7-DEC-1995
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>>>Subj:   aids (fwd)
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>>>From: laura elizabeth ferris <lferris at>
>>>Subject: aids (fwd)
>>>To: gollan at, mgranado at,
>>>JWS006 at ACAD.DRAKE.EDU, mariegeo at, jbpettit at indiana,
>>>jmessmer at, jaimee at,
>>>n-kuhn at, ann elizabeth mellish <u27541 at>
>>><Pine.HPP.3.91.951207184919.2823A-100000 at>
>>>Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 17:43:02 -0500 (EST)
>>>From: jenna catherine murphy <jcmurphy at>
>>>Cc: lferris at
>>>Subject: aids (fwd)
>>>This is from one of my HS friends in Connecticut, so pass it to everyone
>>>you know!
>>>Date: Thu, 7 Dec 95 16:45:24 EWT
>>>From: KEESLER <bekessle at>
>>>To: jcmurphy at
>>>Subject: aids
>>>        For a class project, I was wondering if this could be passed on to
>>>prove a point.  In my human sexuality class, we learned that if someone has
>>>the HIV disease, and they don't know about it, they could pass it on to
>>>people who they don't even know.
>>>        Could you all pretend that I have HIV, and I gave it to you. Then
>>>could you pass it on to your friends?  Let's see if the entire e-mail
>>>population could get infected by me alone.
>>>        Please remember that this is a lab experiment.  I have to say that I
>>>am not intending to offend any one in any way.
>>>        By the way, don't erase this or the forwards from your computer.
>>>Thank you
>>>Young bradley
>>>"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of
>>>moral crisis, maintain their neutrality" -- Dante
>>> AJ Alfieri-Crispin
>>>     aj at
>>>You must be the change you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi

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