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Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Fri Apr 5 07:17:40 PST 1996

>>Marc Carlson wrote:
>Aodhan wrote:
 MC> The reason I bring this up is because I believe the
 MC> reason you didn't receive a report for wInterkingdom VII -
 MC> Northkeep (01/27/96) is because there was no court held at all
 MC> (since the Crown did not attend, and did not name anyone to hold
 MC> court in their names).  I may be completely offbase here, of
 MC> course, but I am curious.

>I CAN'T know that the Crown DIDN'T appoint someone as proxy, and thus no 
>awards were given out, UNLESS I get a report from someone saying so.  
>wInterkingdom is one of two annual events for Northkeep, so I would 
>actually be somewhat surprised if there were no gentles that needed 
>formal recognition.  The only way I can be sure that an award has not 
>gone unreported is if I have a report for every event (and even that 
>won't work 100%).

It's too bad that both of Northkeep's annual events fall under the time 
of one crown. No one in their group will receive any award(s) at their 
home events. It can mean *a lot* to receive your award at *your* event. 
Somehow it seems to lessen an award to receive it at some other groups' 
event, IMHO.

Thank goodness it will be a different crown for Guardian Tourney. 


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