Kat KAL35810 at Jetson.UH.EDU
Fri Apr 5 09:46:32 PST 1996

>Could someone please give me the exact dates for Pensic.  I also need to
>get in touch with Sir Kief.  There are about seven of us going from
>Bonwicke and I am trying to coordinate things and let everyone know what
>fees we will be responsible for.  Thanks. 
>Learning to Serve the Dream,
>Lady Kayleigh Drake
>Barony of Bonwicke
>The Western Region of Ansteorra
Pennsic War will be held August 3-18, 1996, at Coopers Lake Campground in
Newcastle, Pennsylvania.  The actual war weekend is the 16-18, and the 
majority of people will arrive on site the weekend of the 10th.

Kief and I are the coordinators for pennsic this year.  He can be reached
at (409)291-3449.  My number is (713)481-1727.  Keif is handling most of the
paperwork, and I am taking care of landrush.  If you plan on camping with 
Ansteorra at the war, look in your Blackstar for the Pennsic insert.  Fill
it out, and mail it with a check/moneyorder to Keif.  I don't have his 
address handy, but it is on the flyer, as is all the fee info.   
I believe the adult pre-registration fee is $35, but I don't have that info
handy, so don't quote me! If you do not pre-register, you will not be
guaranteed a camping spot with our kingdom.  I can't stress this enough; land
allottment this year is *very* strict.  We are trying to get the same spot
we've had for the last several years, NE2 & NE3, for those of you who are
familiar with the map.  
If anyone is interested in going early to the war, I will be leaving the
Houston area on August 1st.  
There is also a pennsic web site: has a link to it.  If you
do visit the web page, be wary of pre-registering over the net.  The group
affiliation information must be listed as "Ansteorra".  Anything else (Kingdom
of Ansteorra, misspellings of Ansteorra, or barony/shire/canton names), and you
will be placed in a different campsite from the rest of us.  The Coopers Lake
staff, who are not SCA, are sorting through these registartions, and they will
not recognize that "Stargate" and "Barony of the Stargate" are the same thing. 
Nor will they realize that "Household of the whatever"  really wants to be next
to "Barony X".  We will sort that out within our own kingdom.

Any questions, feel free to call me or Keif.  Keif can also be reached via
Lorraine at

See you at the war!

(HL Katerina Aretino / Kathy Lee)

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