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Tue Apr 9 13:24:26 PDT 1996

At 05:36 PM 4/8/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Greetings from Tempio!
>Thank you to those who visited our fair shire this past weekend for our Hero
>Tourney.  Due to the low number of fighters, only two from out of shire, the
>Hero Tourney will be faught at the Feast of the Minstrels event in Tempio the
>last weekend of October.  The prizes are all hand-made and are of beautiful
>quality.  Those of you who know Sir Connor might think about asking him about
>the Icon box and Chess set that will be given to the Hero of the Temple...it
>is outstanding!
>Again, thanks to those of you who came...
Could you e-mail me more information on the Hero Tourney? I was one of
original members of the incipient shire of Middleford when it started in
Temple and won the light tournament of the Ice-Axe. 
Is this a light tourney, a heavy, or a combination? Have not done any
fighting or any SCA activities for several years, but might be interested in
coming out of "retirement" for a tourney in my old homelands. 

Garza Vadzke, grandson of Egan (light persona)
Egan, known as the Pole (heavy persona)

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