Festival of Japan

Jennifer Kubenka jkubenka at post.cis.smu.edu
Tue Apr 9 23:13:22 PDT 1996

On  7 Apr 96 at 20:10, Keith Ewing wrote:

> Anyone who let the weather scare them away from Brad Leah's Festival
> of Japan made a mistake. The weather was beautiful. The tournament
> was glorious. The feast was unusual and excellent.  
> If everyone asks Daffydd and Octavia and Brad Leah real nice, maybe
> they'll do it again next year.
> Later.
> Kein MacEwan
> mka Keith Ewing

I am sorry to add to this so late in the week, but sickness has kept 
me away from my amanuensis.  

I would just like to add my words of appreciation to Daffydd, Octavia, 
the Shire of Brad Leah, and the Stronghold of Falcon's Ridge for a 
most excellent event. 

The weather was indeed gorgeous.  The fighting was entertaining to 
those who were watchers as well as those who were fighters.  People 
made attempts to wear Japanese clothing, and those who didn't, played 
personae to the hilt.  The feast was bounteous, delicious, beautiful, 
and exquisite.

Looking forward to the Festival of Japan next year (and I will beg 
them myself, joining those others here on the list who have said as 
much as I),

Emher ni Maille, Elfsea

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