It happened!

Robyn Bainter robyn at
Wed Apr 10 13:15:33 PDT 1996

Good Morning,

  Well me and Robyn finally have a new son. Alexander Paul Bainter was
born to us on Tuesday April 9th, 1996 at 7:50 PM. Alec came into this
world at 8 pounds even and is 20 inches tall. Last we checked, he had all
of the correct number of fingers and toes and the like.

  Robyn did a wonderful job doing this completely natural. Well not in the
woods and all; I mean without drugs. She woke me up at 2:30 on Tuesday
morning and we sat around trying to find something on TV while timing
contractions.  At about 6 AM we headed to the hospital to have lots of
medical professionals ignore us throughout most of the day. At about
5 PM, the doctor broke her water to help make things progress faster
and boy did it. At 6:30 PM, Robyn was complete and started pushing like
mad. Then at 7:50 PM we heard a brand new baby screaming at all these
people suctioning him clean. I'm still amazed she was able to do all of
this. I am very proud of her as well of my new son,

  We're now at home trying to relax and get used to being parents.

  There'll probably be more from us later.


			Pug & Robyn

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