Rumors of War

Chris and Elisabeth Zakes moondrgn at
Sun Apr 21 18:27:14 PDT 1996

>I have heard, from a little bird, that Atlantia has sworn itself to 
>aid the MidRealm at Pennsic this year.  The same little bird told me 
>that Ansteorra has sworn that they will uphold their end of the 
>alliance and fight with Atlantia.  Does anyone out there know if this 
>is the truth?
>Mordraut  (Who is considering bird hunting as a sport:-)
The ambassadors from Ansteorra who went to the Atlantian Coronation on 20
April (yesterday) did, in court, affirm that they would fight with Atlantia
at Pennsic 25.
Aethelyan, who was there

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