garb question

Wed Apr 24 18:32:57 PDT 1996

I see that you have already gotten several replies to your query.
Without reading them, I would like to tell you how I made a pair of 'tights'.
It was easy, but they weren't 100% athentic.  If that's what you want then
you won't like mine.  But if you want somthing sevicable....
I got a pair of cheap sweats at Walmart.  Get them one size smaller that you
normaly wear.  I got size M instead of L.  This will give the necessary tight
fit arround the waist and ass.  Put them on inside out and pin up the leg
seam tight to your leg.  You should be taking in about two inches of fabric.
Carefully take them off and sew up a new leg seam allong the pins.  Turn them
right side out, and wear.  I didn't even trim the extra fabric off the legs.
It works and looks great.  Other suggestions that I have been given were
to get a XXL pair of womens strech pants.  Passed on that idea, too much 

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