Lisa Carter zkr26 at ttacs1.ttu.edu
Wed Apr 24 22:24:27 PDT 1996

I was asked to post this for our Baronial Defender Tournament


This is an opportunity to relearn the art of bartering, to divest yourself
of excess goods, and acquire new wares in a wondrously medieval way. 

All comers are welcome; all period appropriate items are desired.  Bring
your own table, or spread your goods on the ground, as you wish.  There'll
be no taxes levied on the BBB. 

Want to play, but don't know what to barter with?  Some suggested items
are: costumery, fabrics, extra fighters gear, beads, books, brassy things,
pretties, camping stuff, chairs, ground covers, pouches, feat gear, in
short, anything SCA-able. 

There are people out there who could use your extra items to make their
campsites more period-looking. 

So come to OCTAVIAN.  Bring your baubles, your wits, your coins, and let's

Thank you.

Learning to Serve the Dream,

Lady Kayleigh Drake
Barony of Bonwicke
The Western Region of Ansteorra

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