Ausprey needs your help...

Pug pug at
Thu Apr 25 11:55:02 PDT 1996

Good Morning one and all,

  I'm sending this message out on behalf of Lady Clare here in Bryn
  Gwlad. Ausprey is getting married this weekend (very small wedding,
  sorry everyone isn't invited) and is in need of some assistance from

  It seems that the arrangements for Ausprey's honeymoon have fallen
  through, due to no fault of Brian's, and they are in need of a gift.
  Lady Clare has taken it upon her self to try and get assistance from
  other people in the Society who might be friends of Ausprey or just
  plain willing to help out a Bride in need.

  The gift will consist of 2 nights at a Bed and Breakfast and horse
  ranch in Blanco. Lady Clare believes the cost will be about $150-$200
  total and all persons making contributions will have their name put on
  the card.

  Unfortunately the wedding is this Saturday, so all inquires/donations
  need to be made immediately. Since Lady Clare's computer is dead and
  unable to read the net, please make inquires by phone at (512) 280-3591.

  Thanks to everyone who is able to assist in this bridal quest. Without
  this gift, there will be a bride desperately in need of running away
  from the family and guests with no place to go.


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