Latest Gazette mailing problem

Jennifer Kubenka jkubenka at
Fri Apr 26 01:05:20 PDT 1996

My lord husband Archibald received only the mailing cover of the 
latest Gazette, due to a faulty staple, apparently.  The U.S. Post 
Office in Euless was quite unhelpful about trying to find the rest of 
the Gazette.

We tried to find a phone number for the lady who sends out the Gazette, 
but there isn't one listed.  My apologies to the list for not remembering her 
name directly.

Could someone please forward Ld. Archibald's request for another copy 
of the Gazette to her, or send her phone number to me via email so 
that we may call her and take care of this?

My thanks,

Emher ni Maille

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