Group Origins was Re: SCA near Rice University?

Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Thu Aug 8 09:22:48 PDT 1996

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald wrote:

>Mooneshadowe was started by a group of gamers.  Master William Blackfox 
>came to OSU to attend a wargaming con in full SCA garb (he was of 
>course there to play Kingmaker!!).  Later in spring of 79 a group 
>attended the first Aten-Middle war.  
>The group got started officailly that summer.  Of the original people 
>at OSU in 79 only 4 are still active.  Lord Amra in Steppes, Master 
>Tarl in Namron, Lord Valadonis in the west i think, and myself.  The 
>other 10 or so people have dropped out over the years.  

Sir Burke, I must take great exception to that last statement of yours. 
As you should know full well, my husband, Lord Haldane Sparhawke, was 
one of the *original* members of Mooneschadowe that went to the war. He 
is still active & still in Mooneschadowe!

While Master Tarl has been in the SCA a long time, he is not one of the 
founding members of Mooneschadowe

H.L. Estrill Swet

started in Fall '80, only one year after the group got going.
Currently in second or third place in the category of "longest 
continuous time in the SCA in Mooneschadoweshire"

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