Attentian Gay/Lesbian/Bi Ansteorrans

Pug Bainter pug at
Mon Dec 2 06:41:33 PST 1996

> After I hear back from the readers of the Ansteorra list, then I plan on
> going and talking to the Crown about Blue Feather, and I'll finish up with
> an announcement in our Kingdom newsletter, The Black Star.  I'm hoping to
> get a listing for Blue Feather on our Kingdom web page as well.

Good Morning,

  Although I do not feel the need to be part of a group (household,
  guild, etc) to support gays, lesbians and bi-sexuals, I certainly am
  all for this. Since I've recently been bonked on the head with the
  office of "Virtual Scribe", I will certainly find a place for whatever
  information you'd like on the web page.

  Btw, for those who don't know, which is probably most, I've been given
  the Deputy Kingdom Chronicler position in charge of the Ansteorran web
  page. If all goes as planned it will be officially on-line January
  first. (Barring me moving and the holidays.) I still need to have
  several people give it their official stamp of approval after I finish
  the initial pass. (Particlarly Galen who I stole the look and feel
  from, as well as a large amount of initial material. *smile*)


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