Mead Brewing?

Tue Dec 3 08:05:24 PST 1996

> Be patient. Mead takes much longer than beer or cider to age. 
> (Although I usually age my mead and cider the same amount of time.) 
> For a good light clover mead, it takes about 9 months. If you are 
> using something heavier, it could take even longer to ferment and 
> age. (Yes, I do mean I leave it in the carboy for 9 months before 
> bottling.)

I leave my mead out at least nine months also, but I rack the mead 
several times.  You DO NOT want your mead sitting in the yuk 
(note use of a very technical term).  It can really turn the taste of 
your mead.  I rack mine at least once a month into a clean sterilized 

> Note: We've tried the Wyeast Dry Mead yeast and it came out way to
> "winey" for my taste. We haven't tried the Sweet Mead yeast yet.

I have tried several types of yeast.  My best has been made with Cote 
de Blanc.  It is a semi- sweet wine yeast.  My meads tend to be very 
sweet, but that's way I like them, and to judge by my friends, they 
like them also (I hope!).

Eowyn ferch Rhys
mka Phyllis Spurr

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