Including the Crown in Discussions Affecting Their Subjects

Gunnora Hallakarva gunnora at
Tue Dec 3 11:06:41 PST 1996

Tim McDaniel said:
Um, just curious, but what are you planning to talk about with the
Crown?  I presume they won't forbid it -- it's a private group.  To
get clearance for the announcement in the Black Star, perhaps?  Are
there actually strong restrictions on Notes & Challenges items?

Certainly a peer can talk to the Crown ... but I don't see what they
have to do with this.

Actually, just as a courtesy thing.  Also to see if they have any interest
in a formal charter such as was issued for Blue Feather in Caid (I think it
was Caid).  It's always nice to consult the Crown and clue them in on what
you're doing when it affects Subjects in Their Realm.

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Gunnora Hallakarva
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