Reply re: Your Blue Feather Concerns

j.l.jackson hartel jhartel at
Tue Dec 3 20:14:06 PST 1996

>There is more to me than the choromosomes XX.  There is more to me than
>the fact that my helpmeet happens to be male.
>When we learn to overlook these last two paltry distictions, then the
>world will be a much better place.
>Godspeed in making a difference, Gunnora.
>Grimfells, Calontir.
>PS, Out-there queens *do* throw great parties :)

MANY, MANY, MANY VIVATS to your words of wisdom!

Tis a shame all are not as open-minded/wise as you!  Wouldn't that make the
world a much nice place.


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