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Lord_Ulf lordulf at
Wed Dec 4 10:52:33 PST 1996

  I am all for this endeavor. I run and manage a chat area for SCA in the
Undernet, and chat with many people around the Known Worlde.  I chat with
gay/bi/lesbian SCAers daily, many of which are afriad to say anything for
fear of being 'Spanish In quisitioned' or just plain driven from the groups.
I think Ansteorra can be a great example to the Known Worlde by doing such.
After all, we DO live in the BEST Kingdom of all!!  
 I do not make it a secret that I am part of a minority in this Society, as
if I really could.   There is great support for disabled Society persons,
even though a wheelchair is obviously OOP (Out Of Period).   If even the
Authentisity Police can over look, or atleast tolerate, a wheelchair at an
eve nt, why can't the rest of us mature Society people support a
group/clan/association that helps illiminate ignorance??
 Ignorance  breeds fear, fear  breeds hate...'stop the  hate, kill the fear,
educate the ignorant'
 I will step off  my 'humans rights' soapbox now....

In service to THE Dream - Ulf

                             Lord Ulf Of #SCA in Undernet
                     The Society for Creative Anachronism
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