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Wed Dec 4 23:31:36 PST 1996

For those of ya'll who missed Dietrich's original post on this topic, that's
'cause I had a brief fit of mental retardation.  I'm working from the digest
version of the Ansteorran list, and thus cut-n-paste for replies.
Dietrich's original letter was so well written and intelligent that I felt
it deserved a well-thought-out reply.  Plus I felt that if he was brave
enough to ask, there were likely to be a dozen or so folks wondering but not
asking.  Anyway, the upshot was is I didn't even think about where it was
going or where the original had come from... but since then Dietrich has
sent me this:
Mistress Gunnora,

Please, by all means publish my complete post... I emptied it out of my
'out' box so I cant.  You could add something to the effect that I wished
that if it was seen in part, that it could be seen in its entirety.  

Also, along a different line, I think you missed my meaning when I said that
I didn't want to know what goes on in others bedrooms and the
misunderstanding is my fault.  I wasnt talking about naughty bits either; I
was trying to say that I don't _care_ what others do in their own privacy...
that I'm put off by the flaunting of preference *at all* by *anyone* unless
its solicited.

You could paste this in the same post as an addendum, if you'd like. (I
think it will rid me of the hassle of responding to furthur misunderstood posts)

<stuff about a Latin translation having nothing to do with this post snipped>

OK, here starts Dietrich's original letter:

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>Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 23:01:21 -0600
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>From: Casey Weed <nextristan at>
>Subject: Blue Feather- ?ad?
>Mistress Gunnora,
>You always encourage folks who have issues with you to write you... Im writing.
>I've got to admit that (religious ethics aside) I cant quite pinpoint any
>one thing about your post that rubbed me, but I'll do my best... heck, you
>may even help me understand this better.
>I have been sexually mature for ten years or so.  I dont think I have ever
>worn a badge/shield/emblem/t-shirt that said: "Im straight and proud!" or
>even "I support straight people!"  Never felt the need to publish it. With
>the exception of only a _very_ few- mostly overridden with insecurities,
>IMHO- I cant think of any straight folks who would ever do any of those
>things either.  
>Why Clan Blue Feather?  You posted the goals of the organization, I know,
>but I can only really understand part of it- and dimly at that:
>The primary reason for the establishment of Blue Feather, and for its
>continued existence is education: to encourage and facilitate research on
>homosexuality in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, 
>This is the part I get...I've often been labled the 'Authenticity Cop' of
>armor.  I *love* persona play.  I also enjoy researching aspects of the
>Middle Ages that are pertinent to my lifestyle i.e. hunting, cooking, and
>clothing of the 15th C. so I can relate to this desire.  Everything after
>that loses me completely, though...
>and to teach other members of the Society about homosexuality in the Current
>Middle Ages.
>Why is this necessary? Nobody teaches straight people about straight people
>in the Current Middle Ages, do they?  Also, why do I or any other people
>need to know who's doing what in which bedroom at all?  I certainly dont
>wish to share my marital affairs with the world.  I strongly feel that
>*most* people wouldnt want to hear about them anyway!  And in a like manner,
>I really dont need to know what others are doing behind closed doors, either.  
>You said yourself that gays in the SCA are commonplace nowadays- this has
>been my experience as well.  That said, the 'social organization' you speak
>about doesnt scan with me either.  If _I_ can name twenty gay or bisexual
>Ansteorrans- and my wife claims Im absolutely obtuse about noticing- I fail
>to see why gays here have any more need of a 'mixer' group than straight
>people.  I suppose this also keys in with my point above but its worth stating.
>We also exist as a social organization, to facilitate interaction among the
>members of the Society, especially those who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual.
>Now maybe its just that we straight folks arent as motivated to get our
>singles together... or maybe its that we dont have as much pride about our
>orientation...  or maybe its that were just too touchy about our activities
>in the bedroom... but I really feel I have a point here.   
>Okay, Gunnora; s'plain pleeze... help this young pup understand.  I hope I
>dont offend you with my views- thats not my intention.  If I had some sort
>of agenda at all, it would be that people would just quit discussing their
>sexual appetite at all- I dont want to know.
>Dieter- the over-informed German in the asbestos Maxmillian tilting harness
>"Remember, a man who reads his poetry aloud and in public may have other
>nasty habits as well."- W.W. Smith
Wassail and God Jul,

Gunnora Hallakarva
Ek eigi visa (th)ik hversu o(dh)lask Lofstirrlauf-Kruna
heldr hversu na Hersis-A(dh)al

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