Central Regional War Practice Sunday

Casey Weed nextristan at n-link.com
Thu Dec 5 04:41:40 PST 1996

Warlord here,

For those parties interested in helping us work towards licking those
Trimarans this year at Gulf, there will be a Regional War Practice this
Sunday in Dallas. I will be at the park at 11:00 to teach and we will begin
the melees at 13:00.  Their Graces Dukes Inman and Jonathan will be there to
lend us their wisdom and experience on the subject as well, so don't miss
it!  The point of contact is Ld Almar at 972-514-0082 in case the directions
below loose you somehow:

I-35 north to I-35W
I-35W north to I-20E
I-20E east(duh) to Loop 820N
Loop 820N north to I-30E east
Approximately 5 miles to the Fielder exit
Go south on Fielder to the second light (Randall Mill) and turn right (west)
The first light thereafter is the entrance to the park
When you enter the park, take the first left and continue on til it dead
ends at a parking lot... look around- we'll be at the nearest
ramada/pavillion/whatever-type-of-shelter the park has.


Any non-fighters who are interested

Have Fun!


"An armed society is a polite society." W.W. Smith

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