Central Regional War Practice Sunday

Galen of Bristol pmitchel at flash.net
Thu Dec 5 07:09:30 PST 1996

Casey Weed wrote:
> Warlord here,
> For those parties interested in helping us work towards licking those
> Trimarans this year at Gulf, there will be a Regional War Practice this
> Sunday in Dallas. 

Well, actually, it's Arlington, between Dallas & Ft. Worth.  Don't go to
Flagpole Hill; this is being held at Elfsea's fighter practice site.

> I will be at the park at 11:00 to teach and we will begin
> the melees at 13:00.  Their Graces Dukes Inman and Jonathan will be there to
> lend us their wisdom and experience on the subject as well, so don't miss
> it!  The point of contact is Ld Almar at 972-514-0082 in case the directions
> below loose you somehow:
> I-35 north to I-35W
> I-35W north to I-20E
> I-20E east(duh) to Loop 820N
> Loop 820N north to I-30E east
> Approximately 5 miles to the Fielder exit
> Go south on Fielder to the second light (Randall Mill) and turn right (west)
> The first light thereafter is the entrance to the park
> When you enter the park, take the first left and continue on til it dead
> ends at a parking lot... look around- we'll be at the nearest
> ramada/pavillion/whatever-type-of-shelter the park has.
> Bring:
> Any non-fighters who are interested
> Have Fun!
> Dieterich
> "An armed society is a polite society." W.W. Smith

I may be there for a time, as well.

- Galen

Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, CSM, etc.
Paul Mitchell, pmitchel at flash.net / "noblesse oblige"

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