Mead Brewing?

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>Can anyone tell me how to stop the fermentation process when the mead 
>reaches the desired alcohol/sweetness point? 
Go to your local brewing store and ask for a packet of Potassium
sorbate.  I have some under the brand name of SORBISTATK, this is the
correct spelling.
>I relise that keeping it 
>in the refrigerator will do the trick but it only holds so much. 
>Someone suggested heating the bottles of mead but I don't know what 
>temperature is sufficient and how long to keep the bottles at that 
	I wouldn't recomend heating your mead it would probably do
something nasty to the taste.
	You can also just wait it out and let the little yeasties go
to alchohole tolerance and die.  At that point if you want to sweeten
the mead you may do so without a worry of shatterd bottles or blown

Lord Maximillion

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