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I'd like to take this conversation in a little different direction....

Deiter wrote...

>As each new generation of SCAdians becomes slightly more informed at their
>outset about the Middle Ages than the last, the flavor of the game changes,
>matures, evolves.  The research our Laurels do today is a tool for their
>apprentices; a place for them to start theirs.

Quite true, This is a great phenomenon common in all fields of study. I have
an  interest in armor and armoring. I like to just look at the cool pictures
in books I've found in the library. By messing around and actually  making
some, I've opened up a new area (for me) in my quest for knowledge. By
reading a book on "A" ,it opens up information on "B" and "C", which leads
me to an understanding of "D"!  (plus now I can tell that Deiter is German
just by looking at his helm. :)  )

 The first fighters in the SCA
>had to do something akin to reinventing the wheel when they forged the
>techniques that might now be called 'basics'.  A fighter today is taught
>these from his first moments on the field and can reach competence far
>faster than I did when I first swung a stick 

I firmly belive that the level of fighting in the SCA will keep growing as
the  SCA does. Meaning no disrespect, but the *very early* knights of the
SCA fought a much different game than we do. Just look at track and field
records over the past 30 years the see how humans strive to increase their

I  had this question start kicking  around my  head  during Ren Faire.I saw
this photo album with events and people in it dateing back 10yrs or so. My
first impression was "wow,look at how different everything was". So to you,
the  people of Ansteorra, I pose a query, how has the SCA changed since you
joined?  THe level of authenticety,the fighting, the arts, or just the
"flavor" of  events. How have these changed? Are we getting better?


overheard at Melees:
     Marshall-in-charge: "the next battle will have no archers." (cheer!)
      anonymous fighter: "and no lefties!" (CHEER!!!)

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