Drunk and Disorderly

Casey Weed nextristan at n-link.com
Thu Dec 5 21:00:15 PST 1996

Dieterich hier,

I feel like such a kneebiter... I had _no clue_ that pug was
tongue-in-cheeking it with his '*wink*' and (despite the opinion of some) I
feel I owe him a public apology.  With his excellent record of intelligent
posting, I should have given him more credit.

nuff said

At 09:06 AM 12/5/96 -0600, Pug wrote:
>>>What you are saying makes me uncomfortable. And makes me want to express
>>>something in this discussion. I have attended many "social" functions
>>>that were not "pick up" oriented. I did make new friends and strengthen
>>>old ones but I and my friends were not there to "hunt".
>> Pug implies- as have posts before his- that the Society for Creative
>> Anachronism is some kind of pick up joint and I'm here to say that this just
>> _isn't_ so.... anymore.
>I've done what?! If I did this besides jokingly, and to point out (maybe
>too bluntly) that it is socially acceptable for it to happen between
>straights (as opposed to gays/lesbians/bisexuals), I apologize profusely!
>*gets down on his hands and knees and starts kissing boots and licking spurs*


>Maybe I should keep my mouth shut so it isn't misunderstood. *shrug*

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