Mead Brewing?

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Fri Dec 6 07:04:25 PST 1996

On  5 Dec 96 at 9:42, Pug Bainter wrote:

> > 	You can also just wait it out and let the little yeasties go to
> > alchohole tolerance and die.  At that point if you want to sweeten
> > the mead you may do so without a worry of shatterd bottles or
> > blown corks.
Viable yeast cells have been recovered from wine bottles more than 
one hundred years old.  If you do let the yeast consume all of the 
fermentable sugars and then add the potasium sorbate, the potasium 
sorbate will then do its job.  If you want a sweeter mead save some 
of the original must and add it back in after you have stablized your 
mead.  If you boil your must, canning some of it at your original 
boiling is a good way to save some.


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