Evolution of SCA: wasDrunk and Dis.

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>> Greetings!
>> HE Sir  Galen  mused.....
>> >Heraldic display is more common.  A&S standards and standards of
>> >in combat are much better.  Courts are far more grand.  Events are more
>> >elaborate.  Generally, things are much better today than they were,
>> >we've all tried so hard to improve things.
>> Do you feel that these changes are more authentic than before. Obviously
>> everyone has period pavilions and handstitched garb but overall,do you
>> people are more educated than in the past?
>>            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>Oh yes!  In heraldry, A&S, armoring, period fighting techniques, and mastery
>of SCA combat techniques.
>Also, Gunnora is certainly right about round shields.  I won Coronet Tourney
>in Drachenwald with a 24" round shield; today I fight with a heater.  I hate
>rectangular shields!
>- Galen

Shields??? who had shields.....one of the reasons that several fighters in
got so good at florintine was we only had one shield in the whole shire!! 

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