Central Regional War Practice Sunday

Vicki Marsh zarazena at io.com
Fri Dec 6 07:57:21 PST 1996

Greetings, Dieterich,
from the Baron and Baroness of Elfsea, Llywelyn and Zara Zina
For those who would like to come to *ELFSEA* a day earlier (Saturday, Dec.
7) and stay for the war practice, our Canton of Dragonsfire Tor is hosting a
Yule revel, feast, and Artisan competition.  The Barony is also holding a
Baronial College and it's Artisan competition.

The college starts at 9 AM and features the following classes:
Drop-spinning and weaving - HL Robin de Shealladh
The Greenland Dress and Pavillions - Mistress Custanze
Leatherworking - Mistress Stella
Armorial Design - Sir Galen
Blockprinting - HL Eowyn ferch Rhys
Basic Persona - Alainna D'Argentcouer
Beginning Juggling - Ld Raimond George da Mora
SCA 101 - Ly Mara of Rede
Beadworking - Ly Sindara
Basic Music Theory - Ly Simone
Mead and Meadmaking - HL Eowyn (I think)
Celtic Knotwork - Ly Tanwyn
Middle Eastern Dance: 
Basic Steps- Lady Eisalind of Blackthorne Keep
Research and Documentation - Ly Eisalind and Ly Dangerouse
Basic Drumming Patterns for Doumbek and Bodhran - Ld Haakon

  The serving of the feast will start around 1:00PM and go until about 6:00
PM.  And then, there is the court, revelry, singing, bardic....etc. until
10:00 PM.

Where? You ask? How do I get there?  How much is it?  Site and feast fee
will be a combined $11.00 per adult, $6.00 for children 6 - 12 and free if
under 6.
Directions:  Get to Granbury Texas, take Bus. 377 to Texas 51 North.  Cross
R.R. tracks and turn left on Texas 4 for 1.6 miles to Camp Crusis Drive.
Turn left and follow this road for 1.7 miles to camp and follow signs to
Roloufh's Hall.

Then, on Sunday, you will have this to look forward to!!!
>For those parties interested in helping us work towards licking those
>Trimarans this year at Gulf, there will be a Regional War Practice this
>Sunday in Dallas. I will be at the park at 11:00 to teach and we will begin
>the melees at 13:00.  

Hmmm. Dieter, please double check the 11:00 time.  Everyone at Moot last
night said that 13:00 was when everything was going to actually start.  

Anyway, you are all welcome to enjoy the hospitality of the Barony of
*ELFSEA* and its many Cantons and colleges.  And if you are unable to
attend, we wish you all a Good Yule and Merry Christmas.

In Service,  

Llywelyn and Zara Zina

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