Evolution of SCA: wasDrunk and Dis.

SusanKFord at aol.com SusanKFord at aol.com
Fri Dec 6 07:59:43 PST 1996

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<< Do you feel that these changes are more authentic than before. Obviously
 everyone has period pavilions and handstitched garb but overall,do you think
 people are more educated than in the past?
            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ >>

I, personally, know more about my persona than I used to.  It just takes time
to aquire all the information and documentation that is available and digest
it all. When I first joined, I picked a 14th century persona, because I
couldn't find anything on Norse garb for women. My research got better and I
dropped the 14 century persona like a hot potato.  (I also attended my first
camping even, which I loved. I found that camping in a houplande with a 3 ft
train was not going to cut it...)

Plus, now that we are established in our personas, we naturally look to
enhance them even more. All the newcomers have our knowledge base to work
with and it will only get better from there.


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