Evolution of SCA: wasDrunk and Dis.

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> Greetings!
> Sir Burke quiped...
>  I think that we have also seen a shift from
> >early period personas to later period personas.  This is perhaps the most
> >difficult challenge I see facing us over the next few years.  As people get
> >better at recreating the later period cultures I think we may see the death
> >of the earlier period cultures, much like it happened in medieval Europe.  
> >In Service to the Dream
> >
> >Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald
> Do you think that could be from the more extensive and detailed reaserch
> available in later time periods. And/Or the flowering of the rapier
> movement in  this kingdom(and following in MOST of the rest of the Knowen
> world)?
> timo

try this senario:

I, Kateryn, am wearing my 14th cent sideless surcote in sea-greenish
uhpolstry satin and black fur trim with the bright blue cote harde
underneath.  My husband is wearing his court garb, which is a tafetta
(?) cirlce in a nice, Calontir purple with a yellow and purple accent down
the front with a touch of gold embroidery over a yellow undergown.  Now,
imagine we are talking to, say, Mistress Jalloly (sp?) and Master Robin
(if this is unlikely, sorry, they're the first Tudors I could think of).
Now, who will you see first?

When we heard about the SCA, most of us automaticaly thought of Camelot
and Robin Hood, which are usually done in "fantasy Tudor" or worse.  To a
degree, this is what we probably still expect to see, and therefore we see
the Tudors and teh Renns first (thank you, Zepharelli, for doing it

As per the previous question, I have been in a paltry eight years and
don't get out much.  I've heard stories from older Scadians about elf-ears
and double-knits, usually told with a shudder.


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