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Gunnora Hallakarva gunnora at
Fri Dec 6 10:26:22 PST 1996

Heilsa, All.

I wanted to let you know that I found a Windows-based hnefatafl game
available as shareware.  The gentleman who wrote the program (Steve) has
basic info about the program (plus other shareware games he's written) on
his Web page at <> or write
him at <74212.1123 at>.  The program itself is available for
download at <ftp://archive//> as

Of course, for those who might not know, hnefatafl is the board game played
by the Vikings before the introduction of chess (skaktafl) or backgammon.
Its modern variants include the Saami (Lapp) game Tablut as described by
Linnaeus in his diaries f his travels in Sweden, or the more popular Fox and

I like to use good shareware as "stocking stuffer" type of gifts at Yule.
It's an inexpensive but nice gesture to download one or more items your
recipient will enjoy and present them on a gift-wrapped diskette.

My poor old creaky computer at home won't run the game (I don't have SVGA,
and I think that's the problem) but as advertised, it's supposed to have
great graphics, a simple story accompanying it plus the game.  I do know
that the author's Web page where the game is described has a really neat
tiled runestone wallpaper, which he might be willing to let others use.  I
plan to haul it with me to work and try it on a computer there and see if
it'll fly.

I also have one commercial software pick for gift-giving this year, called
"Vikings, The Strategy of Ultimate Conquest."  This also requires SVGA, but
it's a really neat strategy game that allows you, as a young Viking Jarl, to
balance civil administration of your hometown with Viking raids, quests for
glory, and heroics not seen since the days of Sigurd.  Your ultimate goal is
to essentially conquer the whole world (it can be done in the game).  For
more information check the Web site, <>

DISCLAIMER: I'm in no way affilliated with either software producer... just
passing along some infor for those whol like computer games.  It's nice to
be able to combine playtime and a little bit of education about the Vikings
at the same time!.
Wassail and God Jul,

Gunnora Hallakarva
Ek eigi visa (th)ik hversu o(dh)lask Lofstirrlauf-Kruna
heldr hversu na Hersis-A(dh)al

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