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Fri Dec 6 13:53:15 PST 1996


Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra insisted:

>timo, I find that I must disagree with you upon a particular point:
>I know of no evidence that the Roman scutum was ever a true square, although 
>I must admit that I have not seriously studied the matter to be able to say 
>so with absolute certainty.
>Every example of the scutum I remember seeing in my studies to date make it 
>an obvious rectangle, narrower in width than it is in the height dimension.

     (grin) yup,  yer rite, Me big Dumb fighter, Me don' know differnce
betwween square  and  rectag... rec... rectug... uhh, long square. :)

     these shields are so commonly  refered as "square" (not that I've seen
anyone with a truely sqaure shield) that... geometry be Damned, they are
square in my mind!  :)

overheard at Melees:
     Marshall-in-charge: "the next battle will have no archers." (cheer!)
      anonymous fighter: "and no lefties!" (CHEER!!!)

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