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Mark Harris mark_harris at quickmail.sps.mot.com
Fri Dec 6 14:33:56 PST 1996

Robert Fitzmorgan declared:
        I think that events were more fun when I started.  
Almost Every event I went to had a Bardic Circle that went 
long into the night.  Now about the only time I get to attend 
a good bardkc circle is when I get to Steppes.  It'not 
uncommon to have events with no bardic circle at all.  

Yes, this is something I thought of bringing up in the past
few months. I remember small bardic fires being much more
common when I first joined seven years ago (Geez. some of you
have been in 10, 12, 18 years. Wow. And are still active?
That says a lot about the SCA. Not many other organisations
have the depth to keep people interested that long). Anyway,
one of the things I remember with fondness was wandering from
one little bardic fire to another, listening to stories and
a lord playing a guitar here and a lady playing a recorder
there. Now the "Big Bardic Fire" or the "Big Belly-dancing
Fire" seem to be the only activities.

I thought perhaps that I was the only one who missed the
way things were. Apparently I wasn't.
        I also remember when events scheduled activities on 
Sunday and people stayed and visited till the Autocrats ran 
them off.  Now at many events Sunday is little more thant the 
day to pack-up and go home.  

I also remember more activities on Sunday. But this may have
been dieing out even seven years ago since I only remember a
few such activities and then only on Sunday morning. It may
be that when SCA events happened less frequently, People
wanted to spend more time at them. Now when you can usually
take your pick of two or three events every weekend, many
people may be going to more and the time at each event is
less precious. I have also noticed that few people break
camp in garb anymore.  Many, including myself, often do not
even bother to put garb on on Sunday.

Should this last bit change? I don't know. But I sure would
like to see the small bardic fires come back.

Stefan li Rous
markh at risc.sps.mot.com

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