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Vicki Marsh wrote:
> The college starts at 9 AM and features the following classes:
> Drop-spinning and weaving - HL Robin de Shealladh
> The Greenland Dress and Pavillions - Mistress Custanze
> Leatherworking - Mistress Stella
> Armorial Design - Sir Galen
> Blockprinting - HL Eowyn ferch Rhys
> Basic Persona - Alainna D'Argentcouer
> Beginning Juggling - Ld Raimond George da Mora
> SCA 101 - Ly Mara of Rede
> Beadworking - Ly Sindara
> Basic Music Theory - Ly Simone
> Mead and Meadmaking - HL Eowyn (I think)
> Celtic Knotwork - Ly Tanwyn
> Middle Eastern Dance:
> Basic Steps- Lady Eisalind of Blackthorne Keep
> Research and Documentation - Ly Eisalind and Ly Dangerouse
> Basic Drumming Patterns for Doumbek and Bodhran - Ld Haakon
>   The serving of the feast will start around 1:00PM and go until about 6:00
> PM.  And then, there is the court, revelry, singing, bardic....etc. until
> 10:00 PM.
> Where? You ask? How do I get there?  How much is it?  Site and feast fee
> will be a combined $11.00 per adult, $6.00 for children 6 - 12 and free if
> under 6.
> Directions:  Get to Granbury Texas, take Bus. 377 to Texas 51 North.  Cross
> R.R. tracks and turn left on Texas 4 for 1.6 miles to Camp Crusis Drive.
> Turn left and follow this road for 1.7 miles to camp and follow signs to
> Roloufh's Hall.
> Then, on Sunday, you will have this to look forward to!!!
> >
> >For those parties interested in helping us work towards licking those
> >Trimarans this year at Gulf, there will be a Regional War Practice this
> >Sunday in Dallas. I will be at the park at 11:00 to teach and we will begin
> >the melees at 13:00.
> Hmmm. Dieter, please double check the 11:00 time.  Everyone at Moot last
> night said that 13:00 was when everything was going to actually start.
> Anyway, you are all welcome to enjoy the hospitality of the Barony of
> *ELFSEA* and its many Cantons and colleges.  And if you are unable to
> attend, we wish you all a Good Yule and Merry Christmas.
> In Service,
> Llywelyn and Zara Zina

Classes also include Court Dancing, by Lady Allessandra Beatrice Desiderio.

Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, CSM, etc.
Paul Mitchell, pmitchel at flash.net / "noblesse oblige"

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