Snow Balls

Kyle J Decker wolf55 at
Fri Dec 6 16:35:50 PST 1996

Hi I just got back to juno so I had a lot of mail.  

To add to the snow fight:  I sneak up behind Ariana and Brenna & drench
ya'll with snow. To my surprise Brenna pokes my forehead I get her back
and run.Ya'll follow me. I run in the wrong direction and get cornered
just as you aim your snow balls at me, you're squashed  by a snow ball
with a 4 foot radius .I look and see David J. with a catapult.  Well,
that takes care of them. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

          The Unknown(To know a lot about one thing isn't as good as
knowing a little about a lot of things:)

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